The State of the Circular Economy in America

The State of the Circular Economy in America  delivers  the first United States focused scan of the Circular Economy landscape. By providing an analysis of 202 United States based Circular Economy initiatives, this report offers concrete examples of Circular Economy solutions, as well as demonstrates the diverse array of stakeholders and industries that are already participating in the creation of the Circular Economy here in America. This report was published in October 2018.

The goals of this report are threefold:

1.    Provide concrete examples of Circular Economy solutions to drive understanding of the Circular Economy

2.    Highlight trends and opportunities in the US Circular Economy landscape

3.    Catalyze further collaboration around Circular Economy solutions

Findings from the report include a summary and analysis of different initiatives grouped by their Theory of Change and Industry Sector.  Specific categories include:

  • Design: Focusing on the design phase of products, systems, or materials to enable better reuse, repair, recycling and/or incorporate less material usage

  • Education and Awareness: Building awareness and interest in Circular Economy principles and activities.

  • Financing: Providing funds and investor support

  • Information Transparency: Providing greater insight and transparency into current processes and/or systems

  • Material Innovation: The development of new materials that are more sustainable from a production, life-cycle, and/or end-of-life standpoint than those currently in production

  • Product as a Service: Offering an alternative to ownership whereby the organization provides a service instead of selling a product

  • Product Life Extension: Creating methods to prolong the use and/or life-cycle of a given product through activities including sharing, repair, reuse, and re-manufacturing

  • Waste as a Resource: Utilizing what is considered waste and upcycling and/or recycling this material into another material or product.

The Full Report also includes expert interviews, case studies, and editorials featuring:

  • Cole Rosengren, Senior Editor, Waste Dive

  • ECOR & 20th Century Fox-Sustainability on Set

  • Thread International-Tackling Pollution and Poverty

  • Iris Alonzo, Co-Founder, Everybody.World

  • Kari Herlevi, Project Manager Circular Economy, SITRA

  • Cohealo-Lowering Costs and Increasing Utilization Rates for Hospitals

  • Ecolab & Knjaz Milos-Understanding Chemical Leasing

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